Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Relocation of the war memorial

The war memorial has been relocated to the other side of the road, near to the Crask carpark, having been deemed unsafe for viewers in it's old position.

After the rain........

Looking up Flowerdale Glen between An Groban & Sidhean Mor
Gairloch beach from Crask carpark.

Autumn's in the air

A grey day from Crask car park
Jimjams sniffing the flowers

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Wilderness Challenge

Poolewe village hall, as the finishers gather for the feast.
A tired but happy Margot at Strath seafront after the effort.

Saturday dawned wet & extremely windy, following a night of the same. Warnings were issued on Friday night that the 25 mile course would probably have to be altered, as the swollen rivers would be uncrossable. This proved to be the case - a huge disappointment to many of the 25m runners.

We lesser mortals, doing the 13 mile course were unaffected, or so we thought. The path from Drumchork out to Fhionn loch was wet in most places, hiding deep puddles at times, testing stuff. The fun came as we got to Bad Bog - not named without cause! Following the painstakingly laid markers wasn't difficult; but judging the depth of the bog was impossible - well, until you stepped on it............ Several times, I was over my kees in the dark, brown stuff, feeling the pull on my calf muscles as I tried to extracate myself from the clag. Cramp threatened a couple of times but thankfully, didn't come to anything.

Andy's smiling face at the end of the bog, as he once again took his stance as marshall, was a welcome sight.

5 more miles of tracks seemed an easy option after what had gone before, but the bog had taken it's toll & my hopes of finishing in under 2 hours receded. The sun was out & the heat was on, wind was gone but thankfully the midges didn't show (yet - I was told by others doing the 13 mile walk, that they were plagued by them later in the afternoon).

2h & 16m was my tally as I crossed the finish line to the sound of drums & bagpipes - quite an emotional moment & one of which I'm proud!

Thanks to all who supported the runners around the course & at the finish.

Also, to the miriad volunteers who make this such a wonderful event. Hope that the money raised surpasses last year's grand total of more than £220,000 & grand total of over £2 million since the first run in 1986.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

The waterfall, in the distance, is looking good following almost 24 hours of (much needed) rain, & the rowan berries are superb.
Beautiful copper beech.

Mum & ducklings on the pond by the ice house, at Flowerdale.

After the storm

Smoking chimney up Flowerdale today & puddles in the field are evidence of the autumnal weather we're experiencing. Yesterday's sail boat race, had to be curtailed as the winds got up to gale force something & safety measures had to be implemented. It was exciting to watch though.
Jamilla really couldn't give a damn........

the weather is immaterial, just chuck me a stick!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Spooky trees

You'll have to left click on this one to see "the face".


Some of the leaves are turning already...................................
And, if a profusion of berries really heralds a bad winter, we might be in trouble!!!!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

First Sea Trip

Last evening (Mon) it was warm and the sea was calm, so we loaded up the kayaks and drove to the beach in front of the Gairloch Hotel. A first as we had never been in a kayak in the sea before. Margots new sit-on was great and so easy to use, so we will buy another for Andy, as his donated one is much heavier and more for the experienced, it can sink too, not like Margots.
Pic are Margot trying Andy's green kayak; Margot in here new kayak, Ready for home.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Sunday afternoon run

After an easy Flowerdale walk with Jamilla, we drove to Poolewe and set off for a run along the tracks and paths to the start of the path up Beinn Airigh Charr (we must climb this mountain soon). We returned via the now midgey woods at Kernsary, rain came towards the end to cool us down. 13 hilly miles for Margot, more than needed for her run later this month. Andy ran home to make it a more hilly 19 miles and a good marathon training run.
Pics are Hills behind Fionn Loch , View to sea (Loch Ewe) and foothills of Beinn Airigh Charr.

Bike MOTs

On Friday 3 of us rode over to Riverford, about 15 miles from Inverness to get our Bikes MOTed for the year. The ride there went through sunshine & showers and great views, all the bikes passed.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Skye trip

Afternoon tea at Strome Ferry (no ferry), sat on the old jetty looking towards Loch Carron.
Islands of Staffin & Flodigarry, off the coast of Trotternish peninsular - we can only see these when conditions allow.

Skye trip

Left click on this for more info
Waterfall at the Kilt Rock.

Skye trip

After a day walking with C & C, we travelled up the Trotternish peninsular on Skye, to get a different perspective on the view we see from home. This is the "The Storr".
& this, the "Old Man of Storr".

Bruach na Frithe

The mountain from near the start of the walk
The conditions, somewhat unpleasant today. At the end of the walk we went for tea at the Sligachan hotel. Not long in there & the mother of all storms broke which we enjoyed from the comfort of the bar!

C & C's visit

Andy & Clive enjoy the walk back down the path from Bruach na Frithe
A gap in the mist reveals Glamaig

The murky mountains from way below. Glad to be nearer to sea level.

Carole & Clive's visit

As C & C visited Skye during their Scotland tour, we joined them for a walk up Bruach na Frithe, not the best day to go up there. The mist hardly lifted from the tops although, it was lovely & sunny down below.
Carole & I decided to call it a day at this point but the "boys" soldiered on & made it to the top - well done - Clive's first Cuillin, & I suspect, not his last!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

More Visitors

On Thursday Michelle, Ian. Luke and David arrived to spend a few days with us before they went Nairn to stay on a farm B&B.

On Friday we walked locally visiting the hills, woods & waterfalls, the Pier and the beach. Both Luke & David swan in the sea before we returned home for food & drinks.

On Saturday we headed for Loch Maree then climbed the mountain trail in the Beinn Eighe Reserve 4 miles and 550 m high.

After breakfast & packing on Sunday morning Andy took Luke, David & Michelle for a quick ride on his motorbike before we all drove up to Ullapool. We stopped to see the Corrieshalloch Gorge, walked in Leal forest and enjoyed tea & cakes after shopping in Ullapool, before it was time to say goodbye.