Sunday, 15 May 2011

End of day

Andy & colleagues coming down from their day's climbing training.

Loch Damph

 A real, wilderness feeling up here,
 The cloud base getting ever, lower on Beinn Sheildaig.
 What is that??
OMG, this shouldn't be allowed surely? A beautiful area being turned into an industrial estate,

Balgy falls

 Balgy falls between Torridon & Sheildaig.

 Looking down the falls with the main, Torridon to Sheildaig road in the distance.
Top of the falls draining out of Loch Damph.

Sun's coming out at last

A "real" croft cottage.

Sheildaig w/end

 Drove down to Sheildaig on Saturday as Andy's on a climbing course on Sunday.
Went for a walk along the penninsular in the afternoon - last done 15 years ago! looking across Upper Loch Torridon.

Looking down Loch Torridon towards The Minch.

Tent 2 go

Decided to sell the big tent, so put it up to check all is as it should be,
Is looking good. We're in camping mood & hoped to camp at Shieldaig this w/end

Saturday, 7 May 2011

School Wind Turbine

On Friday the wind turbine went up on the school field. Several of the pupils and staff came to watch its progress over the day.

Monday, 2 May 2011

An 8 hour hike up Beinn Airigh Charr on Saturday

 Lunch stop on the long walk in from Poolewe, via Kernsary. Sula's hoping for some treats.
 AC from the track
 Nearly there, one last, steep ascent
The reward. Loch Maree (L), then the river Ewe flows out into Loch Ewe, loch Kernsary in the foreground & Isle Ewe(R).

Beinn Airigh Charr

 Slioch from AC
 NW half of Fionn Loch
 SE half of Fionn Loch - if you enlarge this there's a white dot above the causeway. This is Carnmore bothy.
The Torridons across Loch Maree

Beinn Airigh Charr

 On the way home, looking over to the Torridons
 Looking back to Airigh Charr, the centre peak at 791m & the walk starts at sea level, so every step is up
 Tree clad islands on Loch Maree
A well earned rest at the top