Sunday, 31 October 2010

A walk near Slatterdale

Slioch from the SW side of loch Maree
Across Loch Garbhaig to Eoin & Bhoasbheinn

Sophie & Josie front Loch Garbhaig & Beinn Alligan

Sophie, a rainbow & Beinn Arigh Charr

Across Loch Maree


Victoria falls, Slatterdale.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Near Carr Point

Near fairy lochs

Superb day again. Yesterday, we walked at Slatterdale where they've removed a lot of trees & opened up the views over loch Maree. Unfortunately, I'd omitted to replace the memory card in the camera, so missed some good pics. Doh..........

Loch Badachrotha.

Blackwater, near Garve

Last Sunday's walk on the way to Inverness.
Autumn colours.

Blackwater, near Garve

Last Sunday we travelled to Inverness for a £19 Travelodge stayover. Stopped on the way for a walk at Blackwater.

Lovely walk, good start to a nice break. In the evening we went to Eden Court Theatre where we saw "Soul Boy"; a short film set in the 70's, about the "allnighters" at Wigan Casino. Nostalgia.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Saturday sunset

From the cattlegrid at the top of the road
Isle of Skye in the distance. The weather lately, is better than it was during the summer.


Today, Margot went for a cruise on the glass bottom boat, "Sealife" which operates out of Gairloch harbour. This is a selection of what we experienced this afternoon. Superb views,
wonderful, wildlife encounters,

sunbathing seals

& plenty of birds. Lots more underwater sights; fish, urchins, anemones, crabs, etc, etc......

Grey seal



She swims away.

Please feed me

She'd get in the boat if she could.
Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Result. Thanks for the fish.

Seal Saturday

Female grey seal who welcomes the boats into the harbour - hoping for a snack.
She really knows how to turn on the charm.

How wonderful to get so close to a wild animal.

This girl weighs about 300 kgs!

On the loch

Grey seal, camouflaged against the rocks
easier to see from the other side.

This one's not bothered by our presence, probably as it's partly in the water already.

Just enjoying the warmth.

On the loch

Grey seal basking in the warm, afternoon sunshine,
not too happy about the attention we're showing.........

decides to take to the water.