Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Jimjams is home!

Travelled down to Glasgow yesterday, stayed at a Travel Lodge,many of which incidently, welcome dogs-although check with individual lodges, as some don't. Made the unhappy journey to the vet' school this morning & after a pleasant walk by the river in the sunshine, tearfully bade our lovely girl Goodbye.
The call eventually came & Annette -neurologist & vet told us it was just a compacted disc, causing the problems. Serious in itself, but after fearing the worst, this came as wonderful news, & although we have an upward struggle to theoretically, immobilise Jamilla for 4 to 6 weeks! we still have her.
Thanks for all the support we've been given, it's really appreciated. Will update with news & pics tomorrow.
Jimjams is still flat out, slept most of the way home but managed a small meal & couldn't resist the smell of garlic bread! which she helped us with.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Glasgow vet school visit

Up at 5am, on the road by 6. Accompanied by friend IB & his trusty sat nav, got to the hospital by 11-15 in the Jimny.
Poor Jamilla was prodded & poked, stretched & (patella) hammered, etc. Still no diagnosis but to go back on Tuesday for MRI scan, ultrasound, possible lumbar puncture................poor girl. And endured over 500 miles travelling.
If there is to be a plus side to this sorry episode, the weather went through 4 seasons & the trip home up the west, Loch Lomond, Rannoch moor, Glen Coe, the Great Glen etc was glorious. Rainbows, snow topped mountains, deer, buzzards etc, etc.
We will have as near normal w'end as possible, then journey down on Monday, stay overnight & see what Tuesday brings.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Big journey tomorrow

We've an appt at Glasgow Vets College tomorrow at noon, so it's up before breakfast & hope the weather's not too bad on the way down.
Please cross everything for us.

The "Biscuit Tin" is safe!

The transit's been swapped for a Jimny & the BT is staying.

Sad news

Jamilla has developed a problem with her spine, resulting in loss of co-ordination with her hind legs. She's in no pain or discomfort & appears to be unaware that there's a problem. Animals deal with these problems so much better than us!

We await a second opinion from a specialist which hopefully won't be long. Sod's Law means that the man we want is on holiday.................

For those interested or knowledgeable, it could be CDRM, arthritic degeneration of the spine or possibly, a tumour.

So it's a day at a time, making sure she doesn't fall too often, but continues to have fun in safety. She's already adjusted her gait to a "run with the front -hop with the back legs" & as she stops, sits down.

Anyone got a spare "dog cart"?

Will update as anything changes.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Saturday trip to Ullapool

N W to Ben Mor Coigach.

Beinn Ghobhlach from a different angle

Colt's foot.

Ullapool trip on Saturday

Looking SE down loch Broom

North from Ullapool to Cul Beag & Meall Dearg in the foreground & Cul Mor behind.

New vehicle? No but I'd love to drive it.

Please sign this.

This link should take you to Downing street's petition page, where someone has started a petition to exempt the Mountain Rescue Service from paying VAT on their equipment.

As some of you watching this blog, might one day be in need of the MRS' attention or know someone who might, please think about signing it. Thanks.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Man at work

Dog days

Chilli wants the ball back.
Jock enjoying a cool-off.

Jock wins again.

Seaside wanderings

Just out of the loch, heading south.
Marine rubbish

Last week's wanderings

Nuclear sub' out in the Minch
The "cave of gold" near Opinan.

Face in the rock.

Jamilla & Chilli enjoy the spring sunshine

Jock watches the proceedings.
Across the loch to Baosbheinn & Alligan


Rhododendron at Flowerdale

Beinn Alligan - the last traces of snow.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Please object

N/2009/0056Unit 23 Birkdale Trading Estate 174 Liverpool Road, Southport Change Of Use From Light Industrial To Storage Of Pets And Pet Products Proposal Ref No Agent Mr R Grainger Building Design 19 Cheltenham Way, , Southport PR8 5NR Tel: 01704380340 / 07749 295722Applicant Mrs C Mannion Earliest possible decision date/8 week expiry date 24 March 2009Delegation Proposed Decision Level23 April 2009 /

Please, please, any Southport blog readers, send an objection to the council about this proposal. Those of you old enough, will remember the awful place at Tarleton, years ago which resulted in so many dead & sick animals. The wording alone of this proposal should send shock waves through the animal loving community of Southport.

Please spread the word & kill this before it kills real animals.

Puppies Kitty 3 Lizard Mouse On Wheel

Planning Applications Received - North AreaEmail: planning.department@planning.sefton.gov.ukContact Officer: Mr P Hardwicke 0151 934 2201 All applications are available for inspection on our website at www.sefton.gov.uk/planapps or at the Planning Office, 9-11 Eastbank Street, Southport. Applications for Formby and the Parishes of Altcar and Ince Blundell will also be available for inspection at Formby Library on Tuesday mornings. Any application listed for 'Delegation' is capable of being determined by the Planning Director on the earliest possible decision date. If Members wish the application to be considered by the Planning Committee, the case officer must be contacted before the earliest possible date for decision. A decision on an application may be made once the formal period for comments has expired.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Monday at Inverewe pinewoods

A timely placed bench, with a lovely view across loch Ewe. This pinewood walk is part of the National Trust's, Inverewe Garden at Poolewe. http://www.aboutscotland.co.uk/land/inverewe.html

Jams & Chilli enjoy a "sticky" walk. Both got home tired & muddy.

Sunday, along the Little Gruinard river

Follow the leader...........Jamilla, Chilli & Penny, & Andy out front!
Fishing shelter/hide.

At the end/start of the walk-the main road passes over the bridge & the river flows out into Gruinard Bay.

Sunday's walk up Little Gruinard river

Looking upriver from the start of the walk along the fisherman's path. lot's of water coming down, probably due to snowmelt from the mountains. The path looked easy at first, but was quite hard going in places & very wet-mostly under water.

Penny & Chilli.
One of the many deer to be seen alongside the road from Aultbea to Poolewe.

Saturday's walk at Flowerdale

Took a hitherto, unknown path, up above the dale & rewarded with superb views. The "sepia look" is due to the late sunlight & stormy conditions. This one takes in the old bridge, the new road bridge, harbour & across the bay to Badachro & beyond.
Close up of the harbour on Saturday evening.

Scot's pine in all it's glory.
Saturday started off wet & windy for our JogScotland run, up Flowerdale, one of the wettest we've encountered so far. Later, it cleared so we walked up the north side of the glen & due to the weather & light conditions, were rewarded with superb views across the loch. We followed the deer fence for as long as we could but eventually, were beaten back by fallen trees (probably from the great storm of 2005) & had to retrace our steps uphill.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Superb sunset tonight

Looking to Skye.
Just after 6pm. If you enlarge this (left click on the pic) you can see snow on the tops.

Snow scenes

The Torridons beyond Tournaig Bay
Beinn Arigh Charr

More snowy pics

A storm surging up loch Ewe, obliterating Inverasdale.

Looking SE along Loch Maree from above Tollie farm.

Some evidence of yesterday's snow

From Laide beach, looking north, a storm is coming from the west across the Summer Isles.
Sail Mhor & An Teallach across Gruinard Bay.

Snow comes back

Yesterday, we had about 2ins of snow during the morning & early afternoon. Great! Spent (lovely, warm & dry) Sunday, putting plants in the garden - will they survive? Moved the BT (Biscuit Tin, aka Hijet) down to the museum car park, as we learned not to get snowed in again after the last time.
A Jimny is on order so we'll have 4wheel drive ready for the next time. BT gets to stay as we're sacrificing the Tranny which has done it's work.