Wednesday, 31 March 2010

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Trip back from England yesterday. Where did spring go?
A9 heading north, heavy snow & high winds made for a rough journey to Inverness.

On the "right" side of Inverness it pretty much petered out, just a dusting on the hills & the odd sleet shower.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Sat run to Melvaig

Now Margot has come home again from her visit south again we three went for another training run. It was a poor forecast but Anna came round at 1pm and we set of for a long run down the coast. We stopped at the YHA (above) to shelter from a squall which only lasted a few mins.
The wind was against us on the way out, but the sky got brighter and we could see the beach at the appropriately called Big Sand (above).

After just over 9 miles we reached the Melvaig Inn, we treated ourselves to a nice coffee, then started our return trip.

The sea and waves looked really good today.

4 miles to go and we passed Longa Island and the campsite at Big Sand.

Margot and Anna in the distance approaching the campsite entrance, this is where the summer show is held in July.

Almost back, our village is at the head of the Loch, storm clouds over the mountains. Well it's Anna's longest run ever 19 miles we feel confident of our Marathon in seven weeks

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Sat Run

Anna, Martin & Andy ran down the main road to Badcaul then along the quiet single track road to the jetty which is used by the inhabitants of Scoraig across the Loch. We saw a seal on the rock near the shore.

The day was fairly dry until the last few miles and we had good views toward Dundonnell at the end of the Loch on the way back. About 9 hilly miles, the last mile on the main road was up hill all the way.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Another Day at the Office

The School Minibus needs an MOT and it has to go to Dingwall 60 miles from the school, think its because its a long vehicle. Andy drove it there first thing but has to leave it there as there will be jobs to do on it, how does he get back? First the train from Dingwall to Achnasheen (our nearest station) a lovely scenic route. The first option was to be picked up by the Headmaster at dinner time, but that meant several hours in the middle of nowhere, so Andy took his trust push bike along too.

The start in Dingwall and the bike waiting for the train.
The station at Achnasheen, still with snow on the tracks

The start of the Journey on two wheels

It was a lovely bright still day, but cold - 2c to start the ride and better gloves would have been ideal. The views were stunning.

Several stops later and two and a half hours and Andy was back in time for his normal lunch. The longest ride for over 18 months and a hilly one too, glad it was not the full 60 miles, think that would have been too much, still not a bad morning at work.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

A few pics from this week

Gus making zzzzzzzz's
Still snow on the hills

Across Tornaig

Isle Ewe

A few pics from this week

Looking east along Loch Maree
The road to Poolewe

Loch Tollaidh - the crannog

A cold view of Loch tollaidh