Monday, 27 April 2009

What's occuring?

Not up to a whole lot of stuff at the moment. Jamilla has had a couple of short lead walks on the beach. Her footprints in the sand reveal that her right back foot is trailing at every step & her left one, about 1 in 4. I think this would greatly improve if she were off-lead, moving at her own pace. Improvement seems to have stalled but she remains full of life, happy & wants to play at every opportunity.
Chilli came to visit one day last week & Jams seemed delighted to have her company. Sophie & Josie have come for a couple of days & likewise, Jams appears to be enjoying their company. They have always got on well -Sophie even cuddles up to Jamilla & they sleep together!
We went out for a ride on the mbikes yesterday, as far as Achnasheen, about 30 miles each way. Also, stepped up the summer, running programme. Andy's entered the Skye half marathon in June & the Loch Ness marathon in October & has been doing longer runs lately. Margot going to do the wilderness 13m linear in August.
Last night we set off towards Poolewe, took a track left, just past the tip & eventually climbed to the mast overlooking Tollie, fantastic views but a cold wind so didn't stay long; will do it again on a better day. Back via the road, about 8 miles altogether, half off-road.
Back to work today.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

More pics from Sunday's boat trip

A common seal hauled out in the sun.
Sheildaig Lodge country hotel

Live fish carrier at Kerry bay.

A songster at Inverasdale

This chap sang his heart out for us on Sunday evening, following a trip out on the mbikes.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Enjoying the good weather

Leaving the pier at Charlestown

We took advantage of the warm, sunny weather to take a trip on "Sealife" Superb trip. A novel way to see what's going on underneath the boat, a new perspective on the local scenery, gets you up close to the wildlife & a knowledgeable skipper to answer questions. Great afternoon.

Monday, 6 April 2009


Jamilla's "rest" period continues. It's difficult to keep her from bounding around, as she thinks she's about 2 yrs old & has the energy levels to reinforce the delusion! however, it's great to see her so happy. There does seem to be an improvement, as she's not falling over & today, for the first time, managed a complete leg/back stretch, with total control of the legs. She's enjoying all the attention which is replacing the games & we've cut her meals to an absolute minimum, so she can have treats to replace activity.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Jamilla "under the influence"

Tucked up warm & comfy for the journey home. She slept most of the way, occasionally sitting up before sliding back down, unable to fight the effects of the anaesthetic, still in her system. We hope that she'll think it was all a dream.
Home safe, but still in LaLa land. Drip site under the badage. Managed a small meal before crashing out for the night.
This morning, almost back to normal but not amused by the restrictions on her freedom. Lead only, toilet trips in the garden, otherwise, confined to barracks. Not a happy girl but hopefully, with time, a more healthy one. Restrictions in place for 4-6 weeks, then if all is well, a slow relaxation of the restrictions & gradual lengthening of activity.
She'll never do another munro, but at least she has a few under her belt & now every day is a bonus.

The trip home from Glasgow

Beinn Nevis from Spean Bridge (left click to enlarge).
The Commando Memorial near Spean Bridge.

River Clyde

View west from Braehead, past Andy's ex-employers'
East from the same location, note the diference in the sky.

Survey ship, Sir John Murray, passing a more modern vessel!

The Glasgow Vet School

The mobile MRI scanner, outside the small animal hospital. A new hospital is being built within the grounds. This is the future of veterinary medicine - make sure you insure your pets, to cover the expense of diagnostic procedures!!
The River Kelvin, from the grounds of the Uni campus.

The Glasgow trip

Eilean Donan Castle, on the way to Glasgow on a rainy Monday.
A blissfully, unaware Jamilla, settled for the night at the Travel Lodge