Monday, 12 January 2009

Miserable weather

Bad weather, gales & rain making it inadviseable to take a camera outside at the moment. Took some indoor pics but the blog doesn't seem to want to publish them-errors????? Will try again.
Chilli's been to stay for the w/end as Karen's not well, so we did Flowerdale Saturday, Laide beach on Sunday (Penny actually enjoyed the company of another small dog to play with) & local beaches today. Hardly seen a soul apart from "winklepickers" on Laide beach & diehard dog walkers. Even the golfers seem to have been "galed" off.
If anyone sees a flying, compost binlid, it's ours! Otherwise, no damage that we know of, despite the roof tiles giving a sound impression of a Mexican wave.
We've resorted to a jigsaw to while away the dark hours & even managed to complete a Telegraph GK crossword (thanks to the internet). For crossword addicts ..................... is a good site.
Also been honing the kitchen skills, & building on the homebrew cellar.
Cheers everyone.

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