Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Jamilla "under the influence"

Tucked up warm & comfy for the journey home. She slept most of the way, occasionally sitting up before sliding back down, unable to fight the effects of the anaesthetic, still in her system. We hope that she'll think it was all a dream.
Home safe, but still in LaLa land. Drip site under the badage. Managed a small meal before crashing out for the night.
This morning, almost back to normal but not amused by the restrictions on her freedom. Lead only, toilet trips in the garden, otherwise, confined to barracks. Not a happy girl but hopefully, with time, a more healthy one. Restrictions in place for 4-6 weeks, then if all is well, a slow relaxation of the restrictions & gradual lengthening of activity.
She'll never do another munro, but at least she has a few under her belt & now every day is a bonus.

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Jackie Highland said...

That is such brilliant news. Hope Jamilla doing well after the op and now she's getting the anaesthetic out of her system. Next comes the difficult part of persuading her to take it easy for 4-6 weeks. When Rosie was on lead rest for what turned out to be a couple of months I used to hide treats rather than throw balls. Made her sit and stay, and then walked around with small treat (eg another brand of dog food) and pretended to drop it in various places. She then had to search it out. It helped to tire her out. Also walking around towns - lots of doggy smells, plus remains of fast food on pavements etc. Maybe walking around Gairloch will suffice! Or you could pay the children to leave a trail of food....

Let me know if you need any convalscent sitting.