Saturday, 23 January 2010

Saturday Run

Bright sunny day so we decided to do a training run for our coming marathon. The local radio said beware of ice and they were right it was slippy until we turned round to run home. We parked about 3 miles from home at the kerry river and ran down the single track road along the coast on the other side of the bay to our village. We ran about 15 miles but stopped to chat with friends and to take photos along the way.
Pics are : The start with Kerry river, Margot and our little Suzuki
Shieldaig bay and mirror images
Shieldaig bay with Shieldaig Lodge hotel on the right, lovely setting and run by our friend Gino.
Badachro bay on the way out
Opinan and the Torridon mountains in cloud (our friend Sharon is building a house where the caravans are).
Badachro on our return with the Inn just below the hill on the right.

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