Monday, 24 May 2010

Edinburgh Marathon

Clive, Ian & Carole who ran the Hairy Haggis Relay, along with Sheila who we were too late to photograph. Well done all of them, completing the distance in (I think) 4 hours & 2 minutes.
We earned our medals, ran the whole thing together & finished in 4h 40m. Terrific event, started cold & misty but almost as soon as we set off, the sun burned off the mist & we were frazzled. Someone described the last 6 miles as, akin to being in a blast furnace! We're counting the cost today with sunburn-but Hey! who cares? We did it!

Before the start. Andy & Michelle should have been at a different start to Margot, but they managed to bunk in so we could run together! Carole was on the same start for the first leg of the team relay, handing over to Ian for the next section. Clive took the third leg & Sheila finished the final stage at Musselborough race course.



Glad you enjoyed the day.
Rick and Niz

Anonymous said...

What a great day
Well done Margot and Andy
I will be hobbling for several days yet
Shell x

Eileen said...

Magnificent! Well done indeed. Hope the sunburn is cooling down now. Love the photos. Eileen and Margaretxx