Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Beinn Eighe Walk

Our friends from Perthshire came to stay in Gairloch the other week and the weather was like summer for a change, so it was watersports and plenty of days out. Andy joined mum, dad the three boys and their dog for a big walk up Beinn Eighe, it was a hard 12 miles with 2 summits over 3000 ft (munros).
The way to the first summit

A scramble to reach the first top before lunch. However during our lunch break the mist came down we did not get any more views,

The way down from the second summit started with a steep scree slope, then a series of large steps each with waterfalls running down them. it was like being in the lost land of the dinosaurs.
There were bits of an old WW2 bomber scattered about , it crashed into the mountain over 65 years ago

Finally back to the road and a view of our big mountain, well done to everybody for such a long walk and for not getting lost in the mist.

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