Saturday, 18 December 2010

Out & about on Saturday

Andy did a couple of hours on the climbing wall this morning, then we set out to do some shopping-which took several hours due to meeting so many people & chatting.
It transpired that friend had lost her mobile yesterday whilst we were out with the dogs. We reckoned it was probably when we were making "snow angels", so Andy & I retraced yesterdays walk to the approximate spot which was by now, a couple of inches deeper than yesterday. Worth a try, we dialled her number & lo & behold heard it ringing about 2 feet away! Dug down & retrieved it, a trifle damp but still working after more than 24 hours at -3c (& probably a lot less last night).
The Two Lochs radio station where Andy does an occasional Sunday Brunch spot. He was on again last Sunday morning.

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