Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Wild about Gairloch festival 23rd to 27th June

 To help publicise the wildlife festival, Scottish Natural Heritage invited BBC Radio Scotland to the area to see what's available. Mark Stephen who co-hosts "Out of Doors" BBC Radio 4 Scotland, Sunday 11-05am came over to try out some of the wildlife watching activities. Here he is interviewing Rick Holmes, skipper of as we began a trip across the bay to see what's lurking beneath the waves.
 We saw an amazing array of life under the water, crabs, fish, squat lobsters, starfish, sea gooseberries (tiny jellyfish), a pipe fish and much more. Above the water there were lots of seabirds and the thrill of the trip was seeing a white tailed sea eagle, being mobbed by a pair of crows.
 Greylag goose & gosling close behind. Apparently, they usually have about 8-12 hatchlings which means that the rest have probably been lost to predators, otters, gulls??????
 Leaving the harbour, customers checking out the underwater life in the shallows.
Arriving back at harbour after a thrilling trip. If you want to hear what else Mark Stephen saw on his Gairloch trip, tune in to Radio 4, BBC Scotland on Sunday morning at 11-05 or catch up on iPlayer. To see what's happening go to

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