Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday Kayak trip

We has a lovely kayak trip last Sunday and were surrounded by several dolphins, just outside the harbour, so this Sunday we decided to do another trip and take the camera.
The weather was quite grey with rain to start with, the tide was in so we could go under the bridge and into the river.

There was a large ship in at the pier. Margot goes to investigate it.

It was a cruise ship called Lord of the Isles and is a regular visitor in the summer season, we has a look round the outside and checked out the lower deck cabin through the small portholes.

Then it was a trip over to Sheildaig bay and round the two islands, we saw some dolphin activity and lots of heron's and a sole seal.

The trip home was a bit rougher and we had to paddle hard and ride the waves. Once back in the harbour it got calm again. Soon we were back home having a coffee

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