Friday, 24 October 2008

Lull between the Gales

We had very strong winds yesterday, no damage but we had to fix the windbreak mesh on the fence as it was starting to blow off, after ripping out the staples and tywraps from the posts. I was a wet and muddy job but at least it happened during the afternoon. Too windy for a dog walk or the normal Jog Scotland run we do on a Thursday.

We watched our big lounge window flex with the gusts of wind, never had this in Southport, but I guess its normal here, storm force 10 -11 (60+ MPH), one part of the village lost power as power lines came down.

Andy cycled down to the village this morning after a big storm had passed over from Skye and the forecast is for more storms later so it will probably be an inside jobs day again.

We hope the new blog is OK, cheers for now

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