Monday, 9 March 2009

Saturday's walk at Flowerdale

Took a hitherto, unknown path, up above the dale & rewarded with superb views. The "sepia look" is due to the late sunlight & stormy conditions. This one takes in the old bridge, the new road bridge, harbour & across the bay to Badachro & beyond.
Close up of the harbour on Saturday evening.

Scot's pine in all it's glory.
Saturday started off wet & windy for our JogScotland run, up Flowerdale, one of the wettest we've encountered so far. Later, it cleared so we walked up the north side of the glen & due to the weather & light conditions, were rewarded with superb views across the loch. We followed the deer fence for as long as we could but eventually, were beaten back by fallen trees (probably from the great storm of 2005) & had to retrace our steps uphill.

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