Thursday, 26 March 2009

Sad news

Jamilla has developed a problem with her spine, resulting in loss of co-ordination with her hind legs. She's in no pain or discomfort & appears to be unaware that there's a problem. Animals deal with these problems so much better than us!

We await a second opinion from a specialist which hopefully won't be long. Sod's Law means that the man we want is on holiday.................

For those interested or knowledgeable, it could be CDRM, arthritic degeneration of the spine or possibly, a tumour.

So it's a day at a time, making sure she doesn't fall too often, but continues to have fun in safety. She's already adjusted her gait to a "run with the front -hop with the back legs" & as she stops, sits down.

Anyone got a spare "dog cart"?

Will update as anything changes.

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Anonymous said...

All our fingers and paws crossed for Jamilla's scan tomorrow. When Rosie was two it was thought she had a spinal problem after developing an intermittent limp. All turned out well in end - it's difficult to diagnose these conditions. So we're really hoping Jamilla has something more minor to explain her problem.
Love Jackie and Rosie