Monday, 9 November 2009

Beautiful w/end

Sorry no pics, camera batteries died at the wrong moment (when is the right one?). We've enjoyed a stunning w/end, bright sunshine & mild when you're in it, calm sea & lots of wildlife. Took the m/bikes for a ride on Saturday afternoon, got as far as Inverasdale where we enjoyed tea & cakes with Gill & Rick - thank you. Home just as the light was going. Ran up as far as Big Sand campsite, (next years Gairloch 10K route) & back enjoying the stars & occasional fireworks on the overside.

Sunday was more of the same, so after a dog walk on the beach, loaded up the kayaks & headed down to Strath slipway. IB joined us & we had a couple of hours sheer magic. The water was flat, calm giving terrific views of what goes on under the surface. Paddled over to Glas Eilean where we watched the seabirds above the water & starfish, urchins, crabs, & fish beneath. Seals, constantly monitored our progress, surfacing about 10 metres away - close enough to hear them breathing. Headed over to An Ard & then along the coast & back just as it got dark & COLD.......Should have gone out an hour earlier. The days are shrinking quickly now, but while this cold snap persists, the night skies are divine, getting a crick in the neck from looking upwards!

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