Monday, 24 November 2008

Monday, bright & beautiful, a walk at opinan

Took Jamilla & Birdie to Opinan this afternoon for a play on the beach before walking to the headland, Sron na Carra. Views out across the Minch were wonderful & on the return walk, the Cuillins on Skye were amazing - sun going down behind & rain clouds shedding their load over them.
The girls had a good time. Amongst the debris, Jams found a plastic bottle & Birdie took great delight in pinching it from her & tormenting her with it. At one point, a seal watched them, probably wondering what all the barking was about.
The RAF did a fly-past twice & then went straight overhead, very low & very exhilerating!
Saw oyster catchers, a buzzard, a peregrine, several cormorants, ringed plover & sundry other birds.
Watched a fishing boat pitching on the rough water, glad to be on terra firma!
Poor Andy spent the afternoon working in the loft & missed it all :~(

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