Tuesday, 16 December 2008

All quiet on the western front

After a fairly, pleasant day it has turned to wet & cold. Been windy all day but there's something satisfying about seeing the washing on the line, stretched horizontally.
Last walk of the year with Birdie as she's off on her travels until March.
Both busy with outstanding jobs & trying to get things ship-shape for the festive season - not that much will be happening here, but we need to clear a space for the tree!
Chilli spent a day with us yesterday & we attempted some pics but the wind was gale force, so they're a bit blurred. Tide was way out and we managed to get onto the rocks which are usually out of reach - great rockpools - saw huge seasnails. On Saturday, Geraldine saw a small octopus there, stranded on the seaweed. Someone put it back into the sea but it made it's way out again. One of the locals reckoned it had gorged itself on crabs & was what we would describe as "stuffed". Apparently, the crabs shed their shells at this time and are a "soft" target for predators. You live & learn.

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