Friday, 26 December 2008

Boxing day

Good walk this morning along the beach & headland beyond, let Hamish free again & he had a great time exploring - he's mustard on the rocks! Came back whenever called until we hit the beach on the way back & he saw 2 beagles dashing along................20 minutes later, an exhausted Hamish was re-attached to his lead. Hmmmm
As it's such a good day we decide to get the mbikes out & go for a ride to Slatterdale. Both bikes start up ok & we're soon 10 miles down the road, parked up & walking to Victoria falls. The views across loch Maree (opposite side to yesterday) are amazing, but we didn't bring a camera, Duh.
Later, take Hamish for a run to the harbour & back. Then we're down to Strath for a meal with friends, lovely. What a pleasant xmas.

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